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Markandy12 / 17 Feb 3305
Log 1: 17 FEB 3305

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I have just returned from a long journey in the Elysian Shore. I managed to find a few undiscovered star system and made some startling new discoveries. My mission was supposed to take longer. I was going to follow the galatic arm all the way around and make my way to Beagle Point. However, I encountered a problem on a high gravity world and my ship took some pretty heavy hull damage. It was only at 50% but I did not want to risk all the data I had collected, so I made a bee-line back to the Bubble. The return trip was faster due to my use the Neutron Star Highway.

I sold off my discovery data and decided it kick it around the Bubble before venturing out into the black again.

Right now I am in HIP 21167, I heard that the citizens of Levi-Civita Dock had been attacked and were in desperate need of assistance in evacuations. I used my earnings from the last expedition to purchase and outfit a Beluga so that I can transport nearly 150 people at a time.

It has been grueling flying in and out of the station. The Beluga is a lot larger ship than the AspX I have been flying. I just finished my 20th run. I am taking a break, getting some food and then I will resume the evacuation effort.
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Log 1: 17 FEB 3305
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