Logbook entry

The Nephilim / 18 Feb 3305

February 18th 3305

Departed Polo Harbour this morning at 09:43 and made my way to the Byoi Ain WE-R e4-913, otherwise known as Jade Ghost Stellar Remnant. It was only 3 jumps but what a view! Reminds me of the Black in Green system near the Core. Gorgeous system but a little dangerous. I wasn't expecting the Black Hole so it pulled me out of Supercruise. No damage, thankfully. Arrived at 09:46 and departed at 09:55.

Next stop was the Ebony and Ivory system located at Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744. Arrived just after 11:25 after discovering a system with 2 Waterworlds on the way.

Next destination, Phiaanor - GalMap Ref: Dryao Aoscs FW-W e1-5865. I departed Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744 at 13:37 and arrived at my destination at 16:11, discovering a load of Waterworlds on the way there. Too many to count.

I departed Phiaanor at 17:25 but had a bite to eat on the way there, so I didn't arrive until 18:56. Discovering yet more Waterworlds. One system had an Earth Like World and two Waterworlds. I also found a few Neutron stars.

After minor repairs, headed for Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870, the Gardens of Shangri-la and departed at 19:14.

Discovered more Neutron stars and Waterworlds but sadly no Earth like worlds.

I arrived in system at 20:30. Not sure I understand the fuss about this system.

Departed for the Gloaming at 20:40 and it wasn't very far away so I arrived at 21:06. Discovered more Waterworlds and Neutrons on the way.

Decided to call it a night in the Eord Pri UW-F c13-156 system. Which contains no less than 4 Waterworlds, which is a record for me.
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