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Allex_Mason / 19 Feb 3305
The mission for de Empress

Today I introduced myself to the Empress Arissa Lavigny-Duval, to receive the mission she wanted to give me before the start of the Ebor war, I think I am getting famous, after all, it is not every day that we receive an official mission directly from the Empress. The mission was to recover two stolen statuettes from inside the imperial palace on Capitol. After an investigation into the neighboring systems I discovered that the thieves were hiding in an illegal facility on LTT 874, I arrived at the destination and headed straight for it, when I arrived I received a beautiful hostile reception, bad for the thieves, I recovered the figurines along with two capsules of escape, one of the leader and another of the comparsa, I returned to Achenar, I handed the statuettes and the two thieves to Arissa and she did exactly what she had planned, she ordered that I execute the two right there in front of all the people and local press, without a second thought I took out my pistol and shot every thief in the head. The empress then smiled at me and said loudly, "let this be an example to all who think of breaking the laws in the empire," then she turned to me and said she would like to talk to me the next day. Now is wait to see.
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CMDR Allex_Mason
Special Agent / Bounty hunter
25 Mar 3305
New Fighter Pilot
19 Feb 3305
The mission for de Empress
17 Feb 3305
The War in Ebor
17 Nov 3302
The beginning
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