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Shadowcaster / 20 Feb 3305
Getting back on the Bicycle

Decided to take the opportunity to sharpen my rusty combat skills while collecting materials the engineer needs to work on the FSD. It's been years since I flew in a dedicated combat ship. Decided to start with the basics. Picked up a Viper Mk III and outfitted it for a decent price. The power does limit the size of scanners  I can run so I'm spending more time flying to wakes to scan them. Decided to name the new ship Starbuck in honor of a character from an old earth tv show called Battle Star Galactica. So far this has been a very successful and educational mission.
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CMDR Shadowcaster
Enforcer / Tour operator
20 Feb 3305
Getting back on the Bicycle
18 Feb 3305
A plan forming...
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