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Comrade_Aleksand / 23 Feb 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 042

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CMDR Log: Comrade_Aleksand

Personal log

02/23/3305 - 0515 UTC

Location: Kyloarph KX-J d9-2224

Status: Searching for a landable world

Its been a long day and I am calling it a night. In fact, I need it. I have been setting up my ship's modules for half a day and deciding what type of class to put on without going under seventy-one light years  So far It has been hectic and deciding to either have an SRV with me or not was irritating at best. But I have decided to keep the SRV and have been jumping for about five and a half hours which is longer than I have predicted.

Commander's Log Supplemental - 02/24/3305 - 1505 UTC

I still have about under one hundred and thirty jumps left. When the expedition reaches waypoint seven, there's more likely going to be chaos. That includes players who are planning to do the Community Goal which includes me. And what I understand is that we're going to be there for two to three weeks and after that continue to the other side of the galaxy all the to Beagle Point. The hard part of getting to Beagle Point is the area of space known as the Abyss. Going around it may be the only way to get there and it may end up being a long detour but, a ship with sufficient jump range to cross it (Like my Anaconda) may be the solution. Though what worries me is that some of the Distant Worlds Two Expedition members might not have the jump range necessary to cross it and end up being stuck in the void until help arrives.
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