Logbook entry

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 23 Feb 3305

Exploration Update:
1. This entry is a continuation for date 33050223.

General Notes:
1. Standard exploration today.
2. General AI will be supremely more powerful than Sargent AI, just saying.
3. Must find out about the Anaconda's magical, mystical, metallurgy. Note to self Ask Paul and Ringo, since George and John are no longer with us.
4. Arthur Ritis is a mean person.

Exploration Notes:
1. Waypoint identified. HYPIO HYPE TI-B EO, 28 jumps programmed into the Navigation System Computer System (NSCS). This system may be an anomaly. When the system is keyed into EDSM it come up as "System not found."
2. The mission route planning system is starting to fail to map out segments greater than approximately 2000Ly. The star class selected for route planning currently has O, B, A, F, and G stars. these are selected to filter out systems with an abundance of Ice and Rocky-Ice Worlds. However, the density of star systems here in this region of Kepler's Crest is constantly reducing. The addition of K and M class star systems may have to be input into the NSCS. Not looking forward to the ever abundant Ice and Rocky-Ice worlds.

Maintenance Notes:
1. Received a communication from Siemens Vision in the Hilla system. Station ship maintenance notified me that 3 ships from my fleet need their 1000Ly C-Check maintenance performed. The 3 ships are:
Florentine Pogen: Krait Phantom
Pygmy Twylyte: Krait MkII
Psychotic Shrubbery: Asp Explorer
2. Upgrade Spectrum Analyzer.

Music Notes:
1. Found some unidentified recordings in an unmarked folder. Interesting mix. Ended up with some Jane's Addiction tune-age!

Personal Notes:
1. Flaming tallywags! there is that sound again. Scrape-ish, like nails on Fronubulax's hull. Need to find out what is the root cause. Need analysis, yes, analysis. Analysis of that sound. Feeding the sound record into the NUF_39.4 Spectrum Analyzer. This will take time it seems. The software has notified me that the run time for the analysis will take...154 hours.
2. Note for Falcon deLacy, ask why the Anaconda"s Spectrum Analyzer running Windows Vista? I mean, really...Cost savings? C'mon.
3. Brought a relic from the past with me on this journey, a book. Musty smelling, yellowing pages, ink on some type of flattened organic mixture. The texture is intoxicating. The light bounces off this paper material softly, the light is absorbed by tiny ink smudges that make up letters, sentences, paragraphs, and finally the story. My eyes capture the gentle photons from each page and pipes them into that amazing gelatinous mass called my brain. The story on the pages is brought to life. The photons from the displays I am encased in all day long, the scanners, the maps, the communications pages, they are sledge hammers crashing into my eyes. All day long, pounding away at my man-ape brain. Digits, vectors, numbers, the harshly non-fiction meaning of exploration, of piloting this ship through vast reaches of space-time. Hammer. Hammer. Hammering. Waiting for and wanting the soft light from the organic pages tonight. The story visions will be nudge out pico liters of neurotransmitters that convert the ink smudges into a minds-eye reality. Tonight I will read one of my books.
4. It's 3305 and we haven't found the meaning of life yet. Maybe because it's due to our inability to find our space legs.
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