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CMDR Scorpio / 24 Feb 3305
First entry in my new Captain's log

Scorpii Sector AA-A d107 is the system where my story starts. Born on a ship called SKERPIOEN, in the middle of a flight and fight for survival. I lived my life doing just that - fighting and flying like a bat out of hell to evade danger. This danger mostly, well... always came from The Gankers. A nasty bunch with no morals or human compassion. They seemed aimless and goalless, except for "keeping it real" ...uhm yeah!

I Never got to fly my parent's ship, as one day The Gankers found us and left my life pod stranded just outside of the bubble. I was collected by an explorer who up to this day has stayed anonymous. I finished school in the orphanage, and enrolled into the Pilots Federation's Academy.

My career started with a little Sidewinder in the centre of the bubble, working my way through the ranks and ships.

In my Type 9 I got "Ganked" for the last time. My Captain's log, destroyed and a hefty re-buy left me angered but focused...
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CMDR Scorpio
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