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CMDR Scorpio / 24 Feb 3305

With my Captain's log destroyed, here follows an attempt to update my status and share what was lost:

While I was working through my Galactical ranks and reputations, I joined a Faction called Helix Corporation. These guys were very focused and lead by a very young and equally focused CEO. Before I joined the faction I was without direction in all aspects of my career and life. Flying from system to system, doing some aimless trading. I started to lose hope in humanity. I even considered giving myself up to the Goids. I heard they were hyperdicting Commanders. I don't know what this was about, but there were whispers of probing and experiments heard in some spacebars. I was hopeless... or was it just too much of the space drinks, maybe even the space-pancakes.

Helix brought focus to my career and I had hope again. I found a friend in a Commander who's name I'm not going to divulge right now. Maybe later and with his consent. He taught me much about exploration, as he was a high ranking officer in the exploration division. Then he left. A sad day...

I felt alone, my mentor and friend was gone. I decided to leave the faction and go back to the drink and cakes...

Another faction caught my attention. Sanctuary Inc.

I researched them, the name sounded very alluring to a lost soul and pilot like me. I needed a sanctuary to find my purpose again in this wretched Galaxy, so I joined Sanctuary Inc.

Here in Sanctuary I found friends but not much direction. These Commanders were well skilled and had a lot of knowledge. They rated number 4 in the fight against "them"... the Thargoids.

I reached Elite rank in Exploration! Now I carried the legacy of my family and I was ecstatic!

I had 5 ships and 300 000 000 credits! On top of the world I thought. Or not...

Outside of Hale Port I got Ganked!

By the Grace of God and dutiful authority vessels, my life pod was collected and brought back to the station. I decided that I must stand up to this...!
I lost my parents and all dreams I had with them. I had lost 3 Ships and a ton of credits before, but a re-buy right in front of my home station!? ...how? I sucked at combat! I just knew how to boost and wake out of there...

Who do I trust now? I was Ganked right in front of my Home station!

No longer aimless, I wanted to help myself but I needed a safe environment to do this. I needed support. Support I would find in Sanctuary but the leadership already had so much going on that I did not want to burden them with my problems.

I went on a quest through the Bubble to find a faction where no one knew of me or my problems. I was so angry at one stage that I used a profanity while in the communications network. I got banned for 36 hours from using communications! Aw hell, everything was just going downhill for me. I need help.

In the big GOOGLE library a read about a group of players that flew their ships in a different mode...PVT GRP

This mode was frowned on by all the OPEN Mode Pilots in the Galaxy. I read some poor reviews and a lot of warnings, but being the stubborn person I am, I had to see for myself.

So this is where I found myself,  with a group called The Order of Mobius. (Strange name isn't it)

The application process is a nightmare and the vetting very strict, but all worth it at the end of the day!
At last I was excepted and assigned the rank of Recruit. (I thought: realy!?) but this was part of the process to get vetted. To prove my loyalty and honesty. I performed mission board duties for a short week before actually being accepted into the ranks and assigned the rank if Ensign. Now I belong!

This is where I am. I have direction! Doing my part for the greater good. I have all the support I could ask for and know I will grow with this faction.

I made Elite in trading, have 7 ships, and I am Competent in Combat! I have over a Billion credits to my name.
Life is good! Well, from here on out I will try keep this log up to date.

Good flying CMDR.

God Bless You.
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