Logbook entry

CorvusCoraxNevermore / 24 Feb 3305

Exploration Update:
1. Running the Captain's Log software along with EDDiscovery. PLenty of information to manage exploration decisions. Very much like the Captain's Log overlay on my HUD.
2. Course set. FSD engaging.

General Notes:
1. Was able to find the frequency for Cmdr. Rusty Dog's deep space video communication. His DW2 journey is continuing quite nicely.

Exploration Notes:
1. Navigated to the Hypisc AL-P d5-3 system and found it contained six terraformable planets plus a WW. The EDDiscovery program calculated that the total system exploration credit value was 4.36 M credits. This does not include the first discovered bonus or the first mapped bonus. Very happy about this discovery.
2. Also in Hypisc AL-P d5-3, there are two small moons both having 0.6% Polonium. Checked the Po stores in my cargo compartment and determined that there are 150 units, the maximum. Good.
3. The current galactic position is:
From SOL: 14,252 Ly
From Hilla: 14,192 Ly
From Beagle Point: 74,609 Ly
Galactic Position (x,y,z): (11,630 / -4 / -8,240)
4. Next waypoint: PHOOE AESCS LU-M C21-0, 49 jumps
5. Hypisc AL-P d5-5 has 4 terraformable planets plus a WW, 2.42 M credits per EDDiscovery
6. Dropped in to Dryafao ET-O d7-5 A 1 to analyze one of the geological sites. Forgot to reinitialize the shields. Close call, and was able to get them on line before landing. The planet is only 1.3G. The thinking of the scratching sounds has got to be stopped.
7. Deselected K Class stars from my route plotter withe hope of less ice bodies.
8. Entered the Dryafao JZ-M d8-3 A system and found planet 4 is an ELW previously discovered and mapped by Cmdr. Johnny Frost. Congrats Cmdr. well done!
9. Landed on Hypisc XP-G d10-4 planet 2a for Zirconium.

Maintenance Notes:
1. Module system analysis procedure started. Results indicate that all modules are operating nominally and have 100% health except for the FAD which has 96%.
2. Modified the maintenance schedule to include a complete visual inspection of wire harness installations.
3. Schedule set for sanitizing worn space suits in the ionization / ozone laundry ozone generator. Smell like a summer's day, not. Smell like the electrical generation room. Realizing how I miss the good fragrances, a rose, a fireplace, cut grass. Hmmm, can I program the replicator to make cut grass? Must try.
4. Zirconium (Zr) Common 2.7% 145/250, need to land and do a bit of rock-hounding to bring the Zirconium stores up to full.

Music Notes:
1. Selected Jane's Addiction. Started. Yes, definitely the right choice.
2. Next up, The Dave Matthew's Band.

Personal Notes:
1. Looking out the canopy there is so few stars in the blackness.
2. The scratching sounds on the hull have continued. There have been deep space communications that tell of Cmdrs flying through Lagrange clouds and encountering strange forms. Some have said these structures are life forms that when a ship come into physical contact with them leave small deposits. Since starting this mission there have been no Lagrange clouds encountered, so the possibility that a life form the hull is nil. The source of the sounds will be discovered, they have to be.
3. Prior to leaving on this mission I underwent the standard psych test. The results indicated I was fit for this long duration mission. I could have told them that. So the possibility that I am suffering from some type of psych problem is also nil, right? The scratching sound have to be something as simple as a loose wire harness, right? Right? Yes, a loose wire harness. I will check. Went to the med cabinet in the infirmary just to check on what the mission doctors provided. Yep, the "happy" capsules are in their little green plastic bottle. I hate it when the docs assume that a trained Cmdr will reach a point where these pills are needed. Hearing the stories of what happens to Cmdrs after taking these pills on deep space missions. Forgetting to monitor oxygen levels, or lowering landing modules, or the worst is hallucinating they were on Earth and not putting their helmet on before an EVA. Sends chills up my spine. No pills. There are loose wire harnesses, period.
4. Orbiting the ELW in Dryafao JZ-M d8-3 A reminds me of home. Seeing the blue oceans and the green continents gave me such a sense of how far away I am from the Bubble and how far I have yet to go. This mission, light-years passing by like water in a stream. Wondering how the rain over that coastline would feel, or the star light over there on that desert continent would feel on my face. The multi-spectral health LEDs in my quarters are supposed to provide the equivalent of sun light but there is no comparing how the real sun light feels. Enough, I cannot start to miss home, the mission must come first. Pushing on.
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