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Scubadog / 25 Feb 3305
Explorer's Anchorage...Awaiting The Next Phase

Things are getting incredibly busy around Explorer's Anchorage.  You know it's pretty typical of folks to not waste any time getting into a civil war shortly after migrating to a system.  Factions, factions, faction.  Eco-political interests and the intoxicating effect of profit and power.  So, yep, we already have a civil war in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561.  It's just stupid.  Fortunately, it's pretty isolated to just a couple of contested areas.

Meanwhile, I've been setting myself up as the unofficial welcoming committee for Distant Worlds 2 commanders that are now starting to arrive in something more than just a trickle.  Well, my "Howdy" announcements fall in between my jaunts in shortrange exploration and mapping.  And, maybe it's just me, but surprisingly few commanders seem willing to return the wave.  I suppose they're generally worn out from being alone with their thoughts--especially the commanders who don't have a few crewmembers onboard--or just tired of looking over their shoulder to see if any gankers are about to jump them.  Still...it don't cost much to be hospitable.  

While I guess most commanders carried at least one AFMU onboard or availed themselves of repair limpets from fellow caravan ships, I nonetheless offer repair services to commanders who are of a need.  Still no repair capability at Explorer's Anchorage.  Not much of anything, yet, really.  But, all told, it's a little bit cozier and safer than just planting struts on a cold moon.  We can at least drop into a heated bay to work on our ships.  There are restaurants--such as they are--and a couple of hastily put-together pubs--but nothing really substantial until more of the station gets built out.  I expect the first phase to be removal and disassembly of the jump engines so they can construct the support laterals and the station-keeping engines.

In the meantime, I'll keep waving at the newcomers.
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