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Troy SHELBY / 27 Feb 3305
Bahpu Conflict Medical Recovery

Finally, after 18 hrs, I got released from medical. Let me tell you something 18 Hrs on a med-bay cot with nurses waiting on you hand and foot isn't as great as it sounds it's actually downright annoying.
 So I get released from medical and I report to Radiant Inc. Operations Control and now frankly not only am I annoyed I'm downright pissed.
Is my Ship Ready Yet? I asked
Yes Sir about an hour ago. The desk sergeant replied.
Good, hand me the combat roster, please.
I'm sorry commander I can't do that. was the answer
Why the hell not I asked
You've been assigned to restrictive duty, sir. he said with a quiver in his voice.
Excuse me? What do you mean restrictive duty? I snapped
Well Ummm sir I can't give you any combat missions, The Dr. wants to make sure you're able to fly with that cybernetic arm. He replied looking like a kid that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
Can't give me any combat missions, you do realize son we are at war at the moment! I shouted
Ye ye yes Sir but I'm sorry, we have a shipment needs to be transported to Baffin Relay in the NJOERDHRI system if your interested sir He studdered
No I'm not Interested in a transport Mission I'm a combat pilot, was a combat pilot before you were born and you want to make me an errand boy
No sir, definitely not sir he stated but I have my orders sir
Fine give me the damn mission!
So I take off on a delivery run, leaving the system I came here to fight in (When I get back believe me the Dr. and I are going to have words.) I get about 20ls out from my destination and receive an incoming enemy alert, and am almost immediately Interdicted. So much for the docs, BS restrictive Duty Ill show him I can still fly with this scrap metal attached to my arm
Midnight, Power to weapons and shields. I barked Its time to have some fun
Complying. my Ai Answered
  Deploy Weapons
Weapons deployed, Commander
The comms system squawked A pilot who Identified himself as Smed (my hud showed his ranking to be dangerous,) implicated that I should drop my cargo before things turned ugly,
Yeah Right,
Mr. Smed you just picked the wrong pilot on the wrong day I shouted over the coms system. I hope your life insurance is paid up. I locked onto his Anaconda and opened up with almost everything I had; his shields dropped in a matter of seconds and I started unleashing missile after missile, maintaining only a few meters distance between our ships. No time for his point defense to shoot down my ordinance, no time for him to dodge.
I don't know what he thought as I unloaded every bit of frustration I was feeling on his ship as he never got the chance to make another transmission.
Now let's see what the doc has to say about "Restrictive Duty" when I get back to Roberts. I hope for his sake he clears me for combat or he's gonna have just as bad a day as I am.
Do you like it?

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