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Switch Killington / 05 Mar 3305
CMND Log 026: Kojeara

5 Mar 3305 10:29 : Arrived in Kojeara to pick up my Type 9.  Honestly, was running more numbers on the way over and I'm feeling a bit dubious about this plan.  I just can't get a viable cargo to jump range ration that I'd be happy with, I suspect if my jump range drops to around 15 it would be faster to do smaller long distance runs in Ditsy Bee than the new type 9.  I think I hammered out a build that should push around 20 LYs per jump but... wow thats not what I'm used to.  Reminds me of my first long distance exploration tours I did back in my old Cobra 3 when I was waiting for my bounties to cool down back when I killed that governor.  Wow, that was years ago.  I just signed the papers on the Type 9, going to spend the rest of the night putting theory to metal.  Hopefully I'll be able to fly in the morning.

10:50 : Going to have to do some funny business.  Evidently the most advance economy in all of Colonia is a station that only has medium landing pads.  I'm going to have to hop over there in the Bee, swap out some parts, and then fly back to Kojeara to swap them back.  It gives me a headache to figure out the logistics of it all.  But it should work, I just don't I tick the wrong box and accidentally sell my engineered FSD.  Hmm, actually that isn't going to work, I can't fit a class 6 fsd in the Ditsy Bee.  Going to cross reference class sixes with large landing pads.  Wow, how quickly a plot to fan the flames of civil war can be defeated by a few mathematical calculations.

Hours later, after some haggling I got a good price on an Type_9.  I've pretty much gutted it, the power distributor will fry out if I try to boost, cargo capacity is shot due to shortage of buying options, and the thrusers' move the massive hull as much as shouting encouraging words would.  But, if I can find a shiney FSD it might can work for me.  Setting course for Whirling Station in the OGMAR system, I've got a lead on an FSD.  Will be a good test to see if I can pilot this thing through a mail slot too.
14:05  And that was horrible.  I was afraid the lack of shields would be dangerous but evidently it can't reach a speed high enough to crash, so that's going for me at least.  It just doesn't manuever, period.  I'd be fine with that but even in supercruise it takes full seconds to get on target with the next waypoint.  And now that I got it outfitted, comes the moment of truth, when I actually can calculate the full number of jumps to get back to anchorage.  No more simulation or number crunching, or fiddling with builds, the final number is..... drumroll....  its calculating.  It's still calculating.  I think something's wrong with the navcomp, I smell something like burnt toast.  Almost done now.  And, an anti-climatic bzzt from the computer and the number is.  649.  That's about three times the distance in the Bee, and I'm still UNladed.  That is about ten hours give or take behind the stick.  Apparently I've got some thinking to do.

20:31  Slept on it and doing this in a Type 9 is worthless.  Number of jumps is just too high, I think I could move cargo faster in the Asp just because of the speed I can move these long ranges.  Besides, sheer volume isn't really what I need, as stated in a previous log this isn't about making cred, its about, well how can I put this poetically, empowering the minority.  I can do that with about 50 tons of weapons, my Asp can do that.  Just to exhaust my options though, I'm going to boot Coriolis back up again and see if I can peace together an Anaconda out here in Colonia that could move more freight faster than the Type-9.  Looks like I'm going to Colonia Hub.

21:31  I got creamed on the price, but a few hops around Colonia and I've traded up for an Annie and stripped her down.  Its kinda fun scrounging up parts out here in the middle of nowhere, Shinrata has spoiled me.  I'll start the tuning up process, I'm going to squeeze everything I can out of this grade 3 power plant so it can run the thrusters, but everything should be nice and shiney by the end.  There was a power surge when I was working on it, now the COVAS only speaks Italian, but I'll manage.  Nav computer calculates much quicker, bringing the jump number down to 360 and change, unladen.  That will bloat up once I load the cargo, but that is something I can manage.  Time for the Shameful Opportunist's maiden voyage.
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