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Zach Drachenherz / 12 Mar 3305
No more rebuys - Part 01

„Something’s not right“ CMDR Zach Drachenherz thought. Since he returned back from Colonia last night, he had the feeling that something was off. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he had changed, on a fundamental level, ever since he’s blown up the Suicidewinder at Jaques Station and was transferred back to LHS 3447.

On the surface, everything seemed normal, unchanged. His body felt and looked as always. He could remember his life without problems. But he couldn’t shake the feeling of somehow being… somehow feeling… Disconnected with the world around him.

He thought back at the moment of his return to the bubble. It was a jarring experience, seeing the canopy of his ship break, hearing the alarms screaming and then the screaching sound of the bulkheads being torn apart filling his ears , feeling the blazing heat of the explosion encompassing his complete vision, before everything went white, and silent…

He felt disoriented waking up at Trevithick Dock, not sure of what exactly had happened just now, but his memory was coming back quickly. He felt a split of his body and his mind, as if his mind was separated from his self, but he quickly put this feeling aside and made his way out of the medbay to the Pilots Federations Contact at Trevithick Dock to claim another loaned Sidewinder. „It’s gonna be a pain in the ass getting back to Jameson in this piece of shit!“ he thought. „Better get a Hauler to get this over quickly“.

He had to head over to Worlidge Terminal, because Trevithick Dock didn’t have a Shipyard.

Thanks to his connections and some luck, Zach had managed to acquire quite a fortune of credits and has build up a small fleet of ships of all sizes, so buying a Hauler to get from A to B quicker than in a Sidey didn’t even leave a dent in his Bankaccount.

After he’d traded the Sidewinder in the local Shipyard for a slightly better rustbucket, the aforementioned Hauler, it struck him: „How exactly have I been transfered from Colonia to here in just an instant? My body died in that explosion, I felt it, I felt being torn apart, I felt being burned… But from one moment to the other, I just wake up at Trevithick Dock? What’s actually happening to me? Am I still the same person?“.

After the transaction was done and Zach had climbed aboard the Hauler, he sat down in his CMDRs chair, closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and then the world around him faded to black.
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CMDR Zach Drachenherz
Explorer / Freelancer
12 Mar 3305
No more rebuys - Part 01
Zach Drachenherz
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