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1up / 12 Mar 3305
The Rexxla Connection

12-MAR-3305 21:22

After having found some references to the Isinor System while researching Rexxla. Nothing specific, however the secretive nature of Isinor System barring outsiders from entering along with chronological clues have given reason to believe the Isinor people have a connection to The Dark Wheel and Rexxla.

I was hired by the famous explorer Adolfo Conrad of Isinor to take him and two of his colleagues to to SMOJUE PY-I D9-4 SYSTEM, tourist spot 0518 to visit Warm Colours and collect data. I decided to make a landing on planet A 3 at a geological site for a closer look. Gathered samples. Full planetary surface scan. We made a diversion to A 4 D; a planet with Iron Magma volcanic activity. Rich in Arsenic (2.6), Niobium (1.4), Molybdenum (1.3) and Ruthenium (1.3).

Conrad is aligned with Chapter of Isinor and has promised to pave the way to getting in their good graces to be granted a system permit to access the Isinor System. Once I've been accepted as an Ally, I'll be able to continue my investigation.

I should note that the Isinor System is widely regarded for the potential to find high value Engineering scrap.

SMOJUE PY-I D9-4 SYSTEM, while not far in terms of Deep Space exploration of the experienced traveller, is the furthest into the black that I've been.

Having recently become comfortably wealthy with successful ventures into the Void Opal deep core mining gold rush, I decided that adding a second Anaconda engineered and fully kitted for Deep Space to the fleet was the best choice; the time saved not being n the Outfitting bay to swap out modules would be well worth the investment.

5A Power Plant
5A Distributor
5D Shields
7A Fuel Scoop
6A FSD. 66.93 Ly unladen
5H Guardian FSD Booster
3D Collector Limpet Controller
3D Repair Limpet Controller
4G Planetary Vehicle Hanger
5D Fighter Hanger. It was an offered upgrade for the purpose of Photography.
OI Heatsink Launcher x 2
O| Point Defense. Guardian Sentinel defense should it be required.
4E Cargo 16 Tons
4C Business Class Cabin. I'll swap this for a 2nd AFMU for extremely long trips.
1| DSS

Today we will makes a stop at the Black Hole "Thor's Eye" located in the NGC 6530 system, move onto the Lagoon Nebula Sector NI-S B4-10 and introduce myself to the Colonia Council at Amundsen Terminal.

Est. Departure for Thor's Eye at 21:30
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The Isinor Connection
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The Rexxla Connection
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