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CMDR Scorpio / 12 Mar 3305
Captains Log 12 March 3305

At last I had some time for going out into the black tonight. Business is keeping me very busy, so I have to appreciate the moments I have to fly.

I decided to take out the Krait MK2 again. It still needs to be engineered and fitted for powerful combat.

As usual I went to the OOM Mission board on the Discord Channel, to seee if I can contribute to the cause, and found some missions in the Maausk System.
I need to support Maausk Social Free and  Asase Ya Advanced Solutions. 20 and 10 INF points must be reached.

I took on a couple of date delivery missons. Contributing 15/20 and 4/10 points to these missions.

One of the missions stood out from the rest.
As usual when taking a mission from the Galnet Mission board, there were some warnings. This warning said that enemy ships will be sent against me. (Another reason I took the Krait MK 2.)
I had to jump three systems to get to my target system and station to deliver the data.
As I entered into the second system I saw an USS and aimed for it. It was a High Emmission Signal. As I was jumping out of Supercruise I sent my limpet drones to collect the Imperial Shielding canisters...


An  Anaconda with guns drawn appeared behind me. He started attacking right away.
Aaah right.....enemy ships will be sent......

I answered and had quite a battle to put him down. When done I sent another limpet to collect his dropped materials and


Another Anaconda appeared! Same exercise!

This guy was Elite ranked and gave me a hard time. Security forces joined in when my hull was at 54% and I was almost out of ammo. I collected his materials and resumed collecting the Imperial Shielding.

After all it was a good nigh. With all the enemy ships, interdictions and compromised Nav Beacons I visted, I boosted my Competent Combat rank to 90%. Almost to level 4.
I hope I can do that tomorrow.
Back at Maausk I quit for he night and downed a well deserved Stella Artois.
Do you like it?

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