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Zoro_Lykos / 13 Mar 3305
Colonia journey

Log date: March 13th, 3305 04:47:40

The hum of the log computer powering on filled the cockpit of the asp explorer, having been activated by Commander Lykos' voice.

"This is Commander Zoro Lykos of the Winter Wolf. Mission log zero zero one. I have been selected to command one of two ships on an exploration mission headed by Commander Eleos. The first phase of the mission is to make way to Colonia, a journey that we are now four days into. I currently sit orbiting a star eight thousand three hundred seventy-two light years away from my home. Commander Eleos advises me that this is for the betterment of our people, and with the recent uptick in Thargoid activity I am inclined to agree. My current location is the system known as Lysoosms WY-H C23-55. Commander Eleos and I are taking slightly differing routes in hopes of collecting more data on systems along the highway to Colonia. We converge at predetermined outposts along the way to exchange information and restock what we can along our route. Commander Eleos also informs me our mission is to be held in utmost secrecy. With that said, any logs on this mission will be set to auto delete should my ship come under attack and all system data gathered will be sent directly to Comander Eleos shortly before destruction. The Iron Wolf Exploration Navys first mission is well underway with good time being made. Commander Lykos signing off."

With those words, the hum of the log computer died out, leaving Commander Lykos in the silence of his cockpit once more.
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