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1up / 13 Mar 3305
The Isinor Connection

Passenger Comfort and Privacy.

My connection to Isinor, Adolfo Conrad canceled our contract and stiffed me on over 3 million credits payment that was due for the expedition to Warm Colours.

Conrad had a very, very, -very-  bad experience a  couple years back with a Commander and his shoddy Science Vessel. Long story short, after coming out of a Neutron super-charged Frame Shift Jump, some ignored minor damage turned into a hole the size of a small Faulcon DeLacy in the Hull of the ship. Anyways, if not for the A rated life support and a Fuel Rats frigate returning from a rescue mission that picked up on their emissions signature, it would have been all over. Conrad's a little sensitive to Hull integrity,  bumps and Gravity Well wobbles in any ships he sets foot on these days. Go figure.

This brings me back to  "Passenger  comfort and privacy". This clause in the contract expressed two things:

Passenger Comfort and Privacy

1a - To minimize the probability of possible death from exposure, any damages sustained to the hull  of the vessel could result in immediate termination of the contract and forfeiture of all due remuneration.

1b) Valuable proprietary data is a target for espionage and hence privacy is of the utmost importance.  All scans constitute a breach of security and may result in immediate termination of the contract and forfeiture of all due remunerations.

After having received docking clearance at Kennedy Hub, I brought the Anaconda up to about 5KM. I engaged silent running and went full throttle for the mail-slot in the Coriolis. If it weren't for the brief error I experienced with a Heatsink Launcher causing me to rifle with the controls, I may not have tipped the Yoke and sent us careening out of control at 250 meters per second  into the guardrails surrounding the mail-slot. This resulted in the Port Authority scanning us, some nasty damage to the hull of the ship and a subsequent fine of 50 credits for my troubles.

Maybe he had some cause to terminate the contract - but none of that matters!

An Apprentice of a Master Engineer named Professor Palin of Maya was in the Passenger Lounge and overhead  the exchange between Conrad and I. The Professor had sent the Apprentice to gather knowledge of  Commanders with proven experience of Deep Space travel into The Black, beyond 5000LY, to make the journey to Maya and procure Sensor Fragments from Thargoid Space Craft debris.

Since these fragments haven't been given a designation by the Intergalactic Trade Authority, they're impossible to buy or sell.

The scan data that I collected from each system we passed through on our 10,000LY excursion turned out to be worth a huge amount of credits and a huge amount of gratitude from the Isinor Council. Enough gratitude to earn an Isinor System Pass and more than double the credits that Adolfo Conrad was supposed to pay me.

I even discovered some new planets! It turns out that Passenger ferrying may not be my thing. I have definitely got an itch to go see and discover more, further into The Black.
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