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ThePlanetVenus / 15 Mar 3305
RatLog #0001

I am sitting in InGaBa, enjoying eating a bar steak, and talking to other fuel rats and rescue commanders. I have an earpiece that tells me if a someone has signaled a rat to come and save them when they've ran out of fuel, in less then 10 minutes, my signal goes off. The other commanders and I drop 10 credits to pay for our food and tips, we run down the station corridors to the shipyard. The shipyard is littered with machinery, ship components, and equipment. We dodge and weave through the shipyard chaos as fast as we can, I run into my ship and suit up and launch. My first rescue of the day took me to an FDL in ALRAI SECTOR ON-K A8-3, 100 light years away from Sol, it wasn't a far trek for my engineered ASP explorer. Luckily, the client hadn't run out of o2 and switched to his reserve, the dispatch quickly organizes and tells the client to turn off everything except life support, this helps them save fuel and therefore save o2. I race to the system with 12 fuel transfer limpets in my cargo waiting to be transferred. I jump to system and make sure that the client has turned off his modules, he is in the correct system and a few other things. He puts on his beacon and I target his wing signal. I fly towards him and jump out of super-cruise, here it is, a lawless FDL, a dangerous situation for a fuel rat, I'm thinking this could be bait. I quickly deploy the fuel transfer limpet and... success! I've transferred the fuel with no issues, the commander of the ship shows gratitude that he's been rescued. I then explain how to filter the galaxy map and some other things. Then I thank him for using fuel rats and to have a safe flight.
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CMDR ThePlanetVenus
Rescuer / Freelancer
19 Mar 3305
RatLog #0004
18 Mar 3305
RatLog #0003
16 Mar 3305
RatLog #0002
15 Mar 3305
RatLog #0001
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