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Arbilac / 15 Mar 3305
A gut feeling; or something else?

The last journey... hmm, that's not right. The last trip? Commute? It sure as hell didn't start out as Exploration. I think I explored. I jumped, a lot. All over. 60,000LY I reckon. But, I digress...

I headed out with Sag A* in mind. That said, I've spent the past few years in the bubble doing what all good Commanders do. Making money. Sure, Space, with a Capital S, is big, but I'll be sure as shiz, kick me in the crotch, confirmed as greedy as every other human out here in the black. You don't, hell, you don't, go pointin' to the second star on the right "and on to morning" without the right vessel, and credits in the tank. Hell, you don't leave home without enough raw rock in your hold to make sure you can at least feed the greedy girl that is kind enough to be called "home on the road".

So, digressin' again, I hit Colonia. That bright beacon of expansion. The big C. The ol' station in the rings. I'm making this up. I figured it was a logical first hit. Scan some stars; ride the Neutron, cash in. Then, if I made it - and don't be thinkin' we don't all leave with the dark hooded one on our shoulder - I'd turn, head in to the core and hope space madness didn't take me before a poorly timed wave ride didn't.

Gotta say, that with all them jumps, my trusty Terminus did me a solid. Got me out, got me home. I saw some sights. Gee, Space is big. But sights I saw. I got me some nice external probe shots of some nebula, a crazy big star or three... and, well, some other stuff too. You know, if you head from the core systems towards that big ol' black hole, in just a few jumps you might happen across some folks home's that no longer have folks along for the ride. Terribly sad stuff. Heh, I even saw my own Anaconda-class vessel been used as makeshift base or, something. I'd... I'd not head to that though. I mean, seemed safe enough until I scanned the hull, found she still had power and read the last couple' logs. Just be sure you're near your own hull and she's got her thrusters spinning, y'know?

Where was I? Oh, Wanderlust...
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CMDR Arbilac
Explorer / Assassin
20 Mar 3305
18 Mar 3305
Rifts and Graveyards
15 Mar 3305
Gaps. Big gaps.
15 Mar 3305
NGC 7822 Sect.. a big rock
15 Mar 3305
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