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ThePlanetVenus / 16 Mar 3305
RatLog #0002

I sit in my ship, early morning, I drink my morning coffee and start up my ships and modules. I start up my datapad which is connected to the FuelRat dispatch. I stretch my legs after a long sleep and get prepared to start my day. then, there it is, the loud alarm of my datapad signalling that someone in the galaxy requires saving. I suit up, strap down myself in my cockpit and, to save my coffee from flying away in low G, I glued velcro to the bottom of my cup and the bottom of my cup holder, I place my coffee in the holder.

The dispatcher sends  me the info about where the client is, he's in Alpha Centauri. I launch my ship and fly as fast as I can out of the mail slot. Once out of the station, I gather more info about the clients location, all the while the dispatch tells the client to shut down all of their modules except for life support. Then, the client informs us that he's 2,000LS outside of Hutton Orbital, you heard me right, Hutton Orbital. I jump into Alpha Centauri and prepare myself for the 6.2 million LS trek to Hutton Orbital. I make a lot more coffee, and prepare some food. The client is in an Imperial Courier, this raises my suspicion, a courier doing a cargo run to Hutton Orbital? It's unlikely, I'm thinking this is a trap but I have to keep going. I check the Ships ID on the database. No current bounties, his federation combat rank is harmless, my suspicions aren't as high.

I'm still flying through space thinking about how I maybe shouldn't have took this job, but the satisfaction of the rescue keeps my head on straight. Galileo keeps running through my mind, the smells of the InGaBa are making me miss home more than ever. Supercruising is almost, hypnotizing, I look outside of my ship, stare into the empty, soundless black that we call home. Moving at 1500 times the speed of light but at the same time, I feel I'm stuck in one place, Hutton Orbital is nowhere close to me. I hope this isn't a criminal looking for bait and all my efforts. I keep flying and updating the dispatch on my location. Our client is running out of fuel and I'm going as fast as I can to save him from certain damnation. After eating and listening to Radio Sidewinder, I finally arrive close to where my client is located, he enables his beacon and I drop on it, target the ship and transfer fuel. The case is clear, I am relieved that the courier decided not to attack me. The dispatch and the other rats congratulate me on the rescue. I return to Galileo and wait for my next rescue, a great start to a day of being a fuel rat.
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CMDR ThePlanetVenus
Rescuer / Freelancer
19 Mar 3305
RatLog #0004
18 Mar 3305
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16 Mar 3305
RatLog #0002
15 Mar 3305
RatLog #0001
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