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Volks / 16 Mar 3305
Log 16 MAR 3305

I recieved a summons from Cubeo personel to attend a promotion gathering, I was out in the Ngalinn system. I closed off the messages after i had cought up on the data delivery missions that were piling up.

I plotted my course to cubeo, it was going to be a long journey in the courier. After a few hours of jumping and fuel scooping, i had finally arrived in Cubeo.

I received a message to rendevouz at Ethos, but not to enter the planetary orbit. I set my course to the planet and slowly set off on my way, once i arrived i figured it would be for a debriefing so i tidied up the space suit and the raider jacket that was partially zipped up.

Not too long after i recieved a voice comms request, i sighed before accepting it.

The voice that came along after the accepting was none other than Aisling Duval herself. She gave her appreciation for the amount of data missions that i had taken back and forth in the unknown amount of hours that it took.

After listening to her ramble on, she finally said that i was to be promoted to the rank of Duke, as well as permission to purchase the Imperial Cutter.

I was hesitant for a while but decided to ask for clarity if i could repurpose the ship as i seen fit. There was a pause from her end of the communications end. After a short while she had stated that the ship was mine to do with as i saw fit.

I thanked her and set a course for Jameson Memorial, the usual meet up place for all the commanders that would be flying around constantly. While i was plotting the course the voice comms were not turned off, and she was still yammering on, I decided it would be quicker to just end the comms and continue on my way.

After plotting the course i hyperjumped through the many systems to get to shinrarta dezhra and moved as quick as the ship would allow me to get to jameson.

I knew that the Cutter that i was going to buy this evening was going to be repurposed for mining, to help with gaining the funds back from spending such a large amount. While flying there i had to think of a name of such a glorious ship, after some contemplation, i had decided on the name MV VINDICTOR.
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