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Switch Killington / 18 Mar 3305
CMND Log 028: Anchorage

Totally glad I made that quick mid-week trip back to Colonia to pick the Ditsy Bee back up. There still isn't a shipyard on this station and it's nearly complete.  De-commed the Anaconda and picked up my CG creds.  I've been sitting in station the rest of the time.  I was surprised that the system never made it into lockdown.  The pirate fleet backed off considerably once some progress was made to stabilizing the system and they just didn't keep up the pressure.  Currently that security status is slipping back down into the danger zone, just as with the Omega System once the fleet departed combat restarted.  I wonder what the system will look like when we come back through it after the trip.

Throughout the week and my light security patrols I was interested to find a wide variety of pirate ships from various gangs across the galaxy made their way out here.

Doing last minute flight preps before heading out to Goliath's Rest.  According to information I have available I should be able to make the trip fine without jumponium but I keep getting back a failed plotting error when I try to plot a direct course.  My nav-comp has been giving me trouble these last few trips, it doesn't seem to give me consistent results when plotting.  I'm going to assume its an error in its algorithms and will be fixed when I get closer to the waypoint.  That, or I'll dip into my jumponium reserves or just go rogue and skip the waypoint.
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CMDR Switch Killington
Smuggler / Freedom Fighter
19 Apr 3305
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Switch Killington
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Switch Killington
05 Mar 3305
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Switch Killington
28 Feb 3305
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Switch Killington
16 Feb 3305
CMND Log 023 : Polonium Fields
Switch Killington
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