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Sgt-nath-smith / 20 Mar 3305
New Life, New Start..... New Direction - CMDRs Log

------OPEN LOG------

Well this is much better pace of life. I made the trip out of The Bubble to Colonia, and I have been looking for a new challenge I think I have it, whilst running a passenger run from Colonia Hub to Colonia Dream in the Ratraii system. Whilst I look out from the bar windows out towards the docking bays with a coffee and waiting for my food, running the same question around my head.

On my way across the 22,000Ly void I ran into a couple of issues down to my own mismanagement and running along the Neutron Highway I had to call out the illustrious Fuel Rats and what I job they did... Unfortunately due to the locations I found myself in I had at least a couple of hours to wait for each recovery.

I am going to start up a recovery and rescue service as a freelance, I have some research to do to decide what ship would be best, I am hoping to talk to The Fuel Rats and maybe start a partnership with them. Last night I spent some time talking to my Squadron comrades and apparently I can engeering some Pulse Lasers or Beams to regenerate other commander's ships, but it looks like I need to head back to The Bubble in order for that, certainly deffinately something to look at.

Well food for thought, watch this space


------CLOSE LOG------
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CMDR Sgt-nath-smith
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21 Mar 3305
The return trip back to Civilisation
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