Logbook entry

Raemeus / 25 Mar 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 071

LAUNCH: 03/25/3305 - 1556Z, Eimbaitls XD-T d3-2293 - A 2 a

DESTINATION: Swoals IL-Y e0 - B 1 (Goliath's Rest)

LANDING: 03/25/3305 - 1440Z, Dryuae Bru HX-S d4-230 - 1 b

LOG: I overslept, and now I feel even more tired than I did before I hit the rack. Made about 20 jumps before I lost track of where I was and crashed into a white dwarf. Cooked half the systems on the ship.

I got a few more jumps in after that, but I can't focus on flying, so I decided to set down on a moon to repair the damage and have a nap. Promptly had an emergency drop out of orbital cruise, then in my frustration to just get it the fuck landed after dealing with the pain in the ass of getting back into SC and then gliding to the surface, managed to crash into a 0.11g moon.

Thank fuck I kept the shield boosters. Anyway, it's down, the AFMU is doing its job, and I'm going back to my bunk.

CMDR Amara Raemeus
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