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Arbilac / 08 Apr 3305
Two lefts, then a right at the shore

After a spell of honking random system and finding diddly squat, I decided I'd get the 'puter to give me some info on the known local space.

"Invalid data selection" she said

Thank darlin'.

I tried a remote call to the bubble via the relays too, but whilst that tends to get me somethin' useful near the core, out here it's a lotta nothin' maybe due to the distances the data has to get. I mean, it is, I don't maybe it. Damn, ma words are slipping; been out here too long.

So, I can keep spiralin' around these systems hoping to come across more Earths or a 'Goid base, Guardian homeworld, or some such thing, or I can haul my ass some place else. Truth be told, I ain't trusting my own mind, nor the fella's at this point - much use he is anyway, standing there starin' at me - and he's like 2 feet closer to the controls now anyhow. LIl' so and so.

I did download some "known system" data before I left Shinrarta a couple months back. Out here, that data ain't likely to be... what's the word... old? Obsolete! Data is data when it comes to worlds and such. They might be a few light seconds farther out, but they're still ere..
Turns out there is somethin' interesting a few clicks north of here. Ovomly. Back in the day, this sector would play havoc with jump drives and getting a bead on any one star was a chore - less you just ride it out in 'cruise, and that's never a good idea if you like your sanity in check. I had planned on turning tail and see the bubble again, but this is sorta on my way home, sorta, so I'm headin' that way for a spell.

The fella is like a hat stand now. He's here all the time, and that's all I can say on it. When he gets the console - maybe a month from now, we'll see if he phases through it like he does me. Figures; well, he's here and I'm movin' so he must be here, right? I'm almost excited. Certain though, if he IS real then I ain't docking in Jameson without an armed guard. Don't fancy that, thanks.

Ships been tip top since I left the Z's local systems, so I advise you stay distant if you like bein' alive. No stress though. I got through it... didn't I?

Heh, I wonder.. what.. what was that? You say somethin' lil fella?

Funny thing. Just moved in to Elysian space. That's a border us humans made up. How'd he know about that?

How'd I know what he's sayin?!
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CMDR Arbilac
Explorer / Assassin
23 Apr 3305
Black 'oles
17 Apr 3305
Picking holes
15 Apr 3305
Oh no you don'
11 Apr 3305
Windin' ma wwayy
09 Apr 3305
!ELB! I see you !ELB!
08 Apr 3305
-- *//Cracked it!//*
08 Apr 3305
S--*prise *isit((/
05 Apr 3305
He gotta friend in me
02 Apr 3305
As and Zs
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