Logbook entry

Scubadog / 12 Apr 3305
97 Jumps to Waypoint 11...DAMN, so close!

Stupid mistakes. That's what was happening. I pushed and pushed and pushed. Malina had come down with something, so I wasn't about to have her take the helm, and my sheer cussedness wouldn't let me give up on making it all the way through the 320 jumps to Waypoint 11. By the second time I was awakened from that in-between state of nodding off by the alert that we were forced out of hyperspace because we crossed the exclusion zone of a star, it was clear I was going to get us killed before making it. I scanned the system, found a suitable moon to set down on, fired up the shields for orbit and landing, then ever so carefully touched down. I caught a bunch of sleep and then set the AFMS to work fixing my mess. Malina still feels like crap. If this goes on for too much longer I'm going to start gettin' worried. I've got a state-of-the-art medi-bed on this ship--'cause I could afford it and there's plenty of room--so, she should be well on the mend by now.

Anyway, as soon as the AFMS is done I'll launch and work through the final jumps to WP11.
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