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Virtus Vrtra / 14 Apr 3305
The Dance of Diabak: Log # 21023305

It was supposed to be a routine mission. The objective: patrol local LSR space for any unregistered trade ships. Nothing I haven't seen before.  The local black market has been making a push into LSR territory and someone's got to put a stop to it. But this time things were different. After last week's conflict outside Jameson Memorial, it appears I had made a name for myself amongst the local pirate syndacates. This time, the pirates were hunting me. Posted outside Diabak, I was interdicted without a moments notice. Damn near spilled my last bottle of Lavian Brandy, the bastards.

That was their second mistake (the first being the interdiction of a TF-13 Agent at the heart or LSR Controlled Space). I wasn't about to give them a third. I pull back on the sticks and kick on the overdrive, bringing the Valhall Awaits' guns to bear on my would be assailants. Fer de Lance and a Corvette... Wow I must've really stirred the proverbial pot on this one.

My first volley was center mass on the Ferdie. I couldn't beleive my eyes! Half his shields were depleted in one pass! Could this guy be serious? Is this the best those murderous scum have?   No time to gawk I thought to myself, I've got to finish him before that Corvette gets on target. Second pass, and the shields pop. Didn't stand a chance. The third pass would be his undoing. Those Zorgon ships are built with aluminum, which gives them good maneuverability due to their lightweight design. But it also has its drawbacks. When compared to the all steel frame construction of the Chieftan, it might as well be made of paper.

My third shot put a hole right through his ship. Fuel and oxygen poured from the wound, glistening in the Diabak sunlight. That old Bill sure knows how to put the spice on these Plasma Accelerators. It was time to put my custom gusseted bulkheads to the test with a full blown headbutt. Valhall Awaits us all! Full power to engines, and a well timed boost put the nail in the coffin. His ship quite literally cracked in half. Scratch one, time to make another.

Federal Corvettes are no easy mark. Core Dynamics really know how to build ship. Big fuck off guns, juicy armor plating wrapped a vulgar display of shield generator make them a formidable foe. Their only drawback, they're big... Too big. A ship that can't dance has no place on the dance floor, and I was ready to tango. Im sure the resulting fire fight left him embarrassed, for he couldnt land a single round on me. He spent a small fortune to get that ship, only to be out gunned and out flanked by a far cheaper (and better made) ship. That's it old girl, keep up the tempo, you've got this.

Ten minutes went by, and my ammo count was close to black. I still wasn't making enough headway on those shields. Was this Goliath going to send me packing? I hadn't wasted a single shot on either of my targets, yet here I was, almost dry, planning my escape. Then the unexpected happened: a flashing blue light from my comms panel. A light in the dark! BACK UP WAS HERE! "This Senior Operative McCluskey reporting for duty sir! Do you need back-up?" There was a shimmer and there it was: A friendly Corvette, dripping with plasma. I couldn't believe my eyes "Get your ass in here Dirty, I'm low on ammo, and this guy's almost toast. Let's finish this!"

What happened next was a work of art. Dirty brought the thunder, and I kept his cell banks at bay. It was a symphony of destruction, and we were the composers. The pirate didn't stand a chance. His shields popped, and after a few volleys of plasma through his hull, he was sent packing. The day was won. "I'll meet you back at Gutierrez Hub McCluskey, drinks are on me."
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