Logbook entry

Wingnut_English / 14 Apr 3305
HOT WINGS: SHOWDOWN - The Defense of Artemis Lodge [o=o]

The crew of the antique warship "Gunship Diplomat" have set their eyes on the most dangerous of prey - an extra-galactic alien race with terrifying offensive capabilities.

We're taking the Bubble back, one dead Thargoid at a time.

At [ ]:[ ]:[ ] GALSTANDARD time, SCP-3059-T-10 manifested another form of anomalous behavior that had previously not been observed. The following was later collected from the 'Gunship Diplomat's bridge recorders.


Travis: Oh, [EXPLETIVE].

Wingnut: They [DATA EXPUNGED - see video file 3059-T-003 attached], too?

Wingnut: Great. That's just great.

Travis: It gets worse.

Travis: I'm out of amnestics. I'm afraid whatever happens from here on out is gonna be your problem to deal with.

Travis: I'm sorry, Commander. So, so sorry. I owe you better than this - but it's out of my hands now.

Wingnut: Wait, where are -you- going?

Travis: Back to the other side of the Fourth Wall. Minimum safe distance and a couple solid layers between you guys and me. Trust me, it's for the best.

Wingnut: Travis - wait, what did you get us into now?! What's out of *your* hands?!

[ There is no reply. Wingnut calls out twice more, before sitting back down with a concerned expression on his face. The crew exchange nervous glances at one another. ]

Wingnut: Shit, guys...

Wingnut: I think I'm actually scared now.

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