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HeianNailo / 15 Apr 3305
April 15th, 3305 - Vopal Rush

Begin Entry 04/15/3305 08:41 H.F. Arcadia - Command Terminal User: Commander Heian Nailo

So I've decided to jump on the Void Opal rush, not so much for the credits (though I have to admit that's a nice bonus), but more to try out the new tech that was just added to the market a few months back. Been out in the black a bit just kinda floating around not quite doing much. Kind of lost interest in doing much, but after getting a few transmissions about the new mining tech I thought I'd head to the nearest station and give it a shot. Always been a fan of mining for some reason... I find it.... relaxing. I do enjoy bounty hunting and the like, but I enjoy floating along amidst the asteroid belts blasting away. Given that I thought I'd give the new tech a shot. The ability to blow apart an asteroid? Hell ya sign me up!

So once we landed I made contact with the outfitters and ordered some of the new tech, though I wasn't aware that there were some updates to the details surface scanner and that was required really to get some good mining spots... needless to say we took off and headed to the rings without it the first time.... Didn't realize my mistake until we were sitting in SC above the rings as I was fiddling with the computer controls (damned new firmware updates!) trying to map new commands.

After Mary (ya I named my computer Mary so what?) decided to finally inform me that there was some changes to the detailed surface scanner and we actually needed that I had her plot us a course back to the station. Needless to say I wasn't in the greatest of moods by then. Ah well easy enough to remedy. Once docked we had them outfit the scanner to the ship after making some room by getting rid of a small cargo rack. Thankfully the techs were quick about the swap.

Back above the ring I was finally able to figure out how to use the damned thing (Mary had to pull up some tutorial materials for me to review). We found our spot to try out blasting some 'roids apart and dropped in. I decided to try working on my FFA-Off skills so had Mary take her hands off the wheel so to speak and began to float through the ring pulsing away watching the 'roids light up. I turned on Night Vision (another nice little firmware upgrade to Mary) not so much because I needed it, but more for the atmospheric effect it had. Have to see if I can find us a spot on the dark side of the planet to see how it looks there, have a feeling that'd be pretty cool. Anyways it took us a bit to find a likely target but finally found one that had a Void Opal core. Set some charges in the fissures and backed the Arcadia the hell up then set them off.... My GOD that was AWESOME! I can safely say I'm hooked on mining now even if the credits weren't good. It's just so damned FUN blowing them apart and weaving between the parts blowing the core materials off then floating through the ring in search of another.

Anyways we ran through that ring for probably an hour before running out of limpets (didn't bring very many and wasted a few on prospecting until I learned what to actually look for without needing a prospector). Think we headed to the nearest station to sell our haul with about I dunno 60 or so tons of Void Opals. Our target station was only a few jumps away and the Arcadia made quick time of it. We landed and I contacted the folks on the Commodities market and asked them what they were offering for Void Opals..... almost 1.7 million..... per ton..... my jaw dropped. HOLY Shit!!! These guys were insane! 1.7million for a ton of void opals! Ok well I'll jump on that.... Told them I had 60 tons on board.... boy were they fanatical about unloading those.... And I couldn't have been happier seeing my account have that 102 million credits added to my account!

Needless to say I had Mary see if we could find a ring in the current system. Sadly nothing here or really all that close. I wanted to find a system that had an icy ring or two plus a local station that hopefully also contained a bunch of insane Vopal crazed millionaires willing to part with their money for a few of the rocks I'd scooped up out of their local rings. After Mary and I poured over the galaxy map I found something that wasn't too far from our current location. Unfortunately it would mean either we'd have to potentially stop for fuel, or swap back for our fuel scoup. I hate stopping at stations that I can avoid so I just swapped for our 4A scoup and off we went.

First thing we did was swing by the local ring and scope it out. Luck was on our side and we found a ring that had some Vopal hotspots so next stop was the station to drop off the scoup and pick back up the mining equipment we sold to make room for it. Once we had that I quickly requested permission to leave and punched it out the station full boar (barely squeezing out between a T-9 and the sidewall). Just a quick trip back to the ring and down we dropped. We mined for probably another good hour and I don't know if this ring was just more pristine, if I've gotten better at finding the right 'roids, or if I was just plain lucky but by the time I called it a night and shut the Arcadia down hidden within the ring I'd mined close to 100 tons of Vopals and a handful of tons of Low Temp diamonds (heard those fetch a pretty penny as well). I'll probably set course for the station to offload our haul when I wake and perform the usual diagnostics.

Commander Heian Nailo signing off.
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CMDR HeianNailo
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15 Apr 3305
April 15th, 3305 - Vopal Rush
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