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Hank26 / 15 Apr 3305

It was an easy night. I could not sleep and mining was calling my name. I had just dropped off a small load(4 tons void opals, 9 tons of Low temp diamond and 7 tons of Alexandrite.) earlier in the day. I made about 20 million cr. Not bad for a quick hall. I left my bed and headed back to the stars. It was near an old mining system (ringed planets) LHS 1442. I had mined here when I first started asteroid mining months ago. I did ok back then, I was bringing in about 5 to 7 million cr per haul. Lost my ship once or twice to pirates. Now I have a Python and have taken up combat with mining. Anyway, back to tonight. I arrive at LHS 1442 about midnight. Of course in space, day or night no longer matter. I found a nice large area for void opals and dived in. After an hour of hunting and mining, I left with 69 million cr worth of void opals, and some Alexandrite. It was a good night for mining. I saw one pirate, easy pickens. I am teaching my squadron the fine art of asteroid mining the next couple of weeks. Most likely with be around LHS 1442.
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CMDR Hank26
Explorer / Miner
15 Apr 3305

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