Logbook entry

August Mckenna / 25 Apr 3305

Pheonix Arisen; High Manktas Restored
APRIL 25TH 3305
 Jiushao Depot, Manktas

Revelers, carried high by a spirit of jubilation, spilled into the concourses of Jiushao Depot earlier this week in an impromptu celebration for the full restoration of High Manktas, the first Jurisdiction to be reclaimed for the throne by Spearhead Charter. Laughter, as well as tears of joy flowed freely across Spearhead Charter space with High Lord of the Vestige Lyria Eardley and her Spearhead Charter Royal Guard restoring the rightful and benevolent rule of her family to its seat of power, the six system constellation collectively formed as High Manktas.

The news was announced to citizens of the Vestige within hours of the milestone. However, many questions were raised as to the lack of a response from the High Lord herself. Many expected that upon learning of the pivotal election results in Gleise 3876, the success of which would seat the keystone in this hard fought political and military triumph, the vaunted and savvy High Lord would make a speech to her subjects… yet she was silent.

Finally, in an official statement issued earlier this evening, the High Lord summarized Spearhead Charter’s success. She spoke softly, but with candid passion and pride given to her words.

I can now confirm - we are the sole controllers of High Manktas, with power over all 6 systems within the Jurisdiction. Over the past year we have gradually grown in power, and there have been some crises, but every time we have been victorious. These systems are better places for it; in San Yulpa, murder and anarchy were stifled, in Svantiochna a backwater system was restored to a thriving mining community, and developments are seen in the more recent gains of Soko Oh, Inovit and Gliese 3876.

I can only apologise for the lack of communication. With the unification of High Manktas, legislature, administration and security action have not afforded me the opportunity to speak. I regret that I did not thank you all for your support sooner. It is a beautiful thing to see the home of my family restored to its former glory. It is a far more beautiful thing to know that it has largely been driven by people converting to our new culture, and expansions driving themselves. We will not stop here. We will not stop until all who will join us have joined and all who oppose us by manipulating innocent civilians for their own games are dead. We are Spearhead Charter; we will reclaim the Vestige, in full, as is our right.

As the High Lord left the stage, footage of the High Lord in her chrome flight suit played, showing her delivering the news to her peers among the Spearhead Charter Royal Guard.

We have many objectives remaining, and I will begin preparing the strategy of our next expansion phase. But I remind you; a year ago we had no home. Today, we have 11 stations, 2 major terraforming projects, well over a billion citizens, and no end to our expansion in sight. I bid you all take this time to rest and prepare yourselves; our next campaign will need you once again.

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