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Worldbuilder92 / 19 Apr 3305
Entry 02: First Expedition Photo

Day 9
2nd Jump Complete:  Flyooe Dryeia LH-L C24-0

The first thing I noticed as I left to chart nearby systems was how bright and... distinct the galactic core looks from here.  It feels like I'm actually seeing the Milky Way for the first time.  Our home galaxy... everything I've ever known - anything anyone has ever known - happened right there, in that glowing stripe across the sky...
It's very humbling, but also very exhilarating to see it for myself.

In any case, I've had a fun first week aboard Gnosis!  I've met tons of folks aboard this ship, a handful of whom I feel like I'm starting to connect with.  I found this group of people who introduced me to this anime starring high school girls with WW2 technology (unsurprising, considering anime these days), and they got me to start watching it.  I find myself enjoying the antics of the characters and the historical references; the series seems to be made for Old Terran History buffs, and it's giving me new appreciation for history which I didn't have before.  I vaguely know the history of the Empire: the colonization of Capitol, the Battle of Achenar, etc... but I find I don't normally dig much into history as others.  I may do a bit more digging into human history as a whole, after seeing this series!  Who knows?

I've also befriended some fellow writers aboard!  They're a friendly bunch, we've been discussing character drama for other series I'm invested in, as well as keeping personal diaries/journals about our travels.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one planning to document the voyage ahead!  Maybe I'll finally get motivated to resume writing my story about Atlantis...
In any case, one of my fellow log-writers suggested I start adding pictures along with my entries - a visual archive, as well as a written one.  So I decided to take a pic from the surface of a distant ice moon I scanned.  The surface was a strange mix of dense, linear mountain regions criss-crossing vast and featureless ice flats.  I decided to take the risky option, and the Locust got a bit scratched while I landed on a mountain ridge.

I'm thinking on repainting the ship... something with an earthy yellow or brown, like actual locusts... maybe a new paint job for the rover, too.

Oh!  Speaking of, interesting story on the news!  Apparently, Core Dynamics has purchased a vehicle-making company called Vodel!  Some of the Gnosis pilots have been speculating that we may finally be getting new rover models on the market!  I hope to the gods that's the case, I could stand to have a better surface-mining vehicle.  Something I can harvest resources for a long time, without constantly having to go back and forth to the ship just to haul 2-3 bits at a time.  That would make barnacle harvesting less of a chore than it was last time I tried doing it...
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