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MykalWuzHere / 20 Apr 3305

Here this goes. I overheard some Engineers talking about logging their trips and figured why not give it a try. It couldn’t hurt to save my adventures for someone to find long after I’ve blended with the stars. A little about me I’m Mykal, 22, born in mid-flight near Cubeo. I was raised Alliance, I stayed Alliance. My father was a merchant of sorts, salvaged things from battles and sold them off. My mother was a medical technician. They aren’t important though, as they left me when I was a kid. Left me to some strange people who used my small frame to their advantage, basically leading to hiding in ships in order to steal their shit. Long story for another time.

Fast Forward to now, I’m a trader for the Alliance. I’ll take other contracts but I prefer to stick with them. I remained near Cubeo for a time, transporting small goods in my shifty Sidewinder, I gotta say, it’s not the best ship. Eventually I earned enough Credits to buy myself a Cobra MK III, now this thing can haul 40 units at a time... Nothing close to what I wish I could shoot across the stars. I got tired of Cubeo though, something about seeing the same stars over and over got tiring. I wasn’t being recognized for the countless runs I made, transporting anything from luxury items to well-needed medical supplies. So, I took off. I read about this group calling themselves the Prismatic Knights over in Beta-1 Tucanae, most importantly the Adams Orbital, the only station in the system. They haven’t noticed me yet, but that’s okay. For now I am gonna run some goods from A to B and maybe find some kinda spot with these people. Wish me luck...

Commander Mykal
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CMDR MykalWuzHere
Trader / Any
20 Apr 3305
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