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Konca / 22 Apr 3305
Making Progress

Greetings Commanders,

It has been three days since I made my last log regarding my move from PS4 to PC, I am happy to report that I am getting back to where I was when I made my switch. When I made the switch I had already been playing for a few hours, but progress three days ago was pretty arduous. I started by bounty hunting in my fresh Sidewinder, Which I named WASP. Mostly because it would be little more than a nuisance. Eventually after I turned in my meager bounty vouchers, I was able to purchase some of the modules that I would need to do deep core mining. After which I started running courier missions for the Federation, I kind of got side tracked doing that. I was able to purchase an Adder that I was then going to use to mine with once I got all of the modules because it had at least one medium hard point. I named it Canary, I am going with themes for all of my ship names this time around. That however didn't really pan out, I did some more bounty hunting, this time with a kill warrant scanner, and made enough credits to purchase the Cobra MKIII. Which I named Rock Splitter.

Yesterday I was finally able to start mining after I got enough bounty vouchers to get the seismic charge launcher, and a detailed surface scanner, Which I am not sure why the detailed surface scanner cost 200,000 credits but I got one. After all was said and done, My Cobra has no shields and only 32 ton cargo capacity. I was able to take it out and mine 14 tons of void opals in about 30-40 minutes, and sell it at a nearby station for around 1.4 million credits per ton. I started laughing when I saw how I had went from scrimping and saving my meager some of credits, and I was barely able to cover my re-buy cost of 38,000 credits; To now having 21 million credits in one transaction. I am no stranger to the way void opals work, that is why I was in a hurry to be able to mine them.

I had heard about a new update coming in a few days, and the new Interstellar Initiatives were coming a few days later. I now feel like I will be in a better position to be able to join in the fun for that Initiative. My next purchase was a Keelback, and I A rated all of the modules and double my cargo capacity. I named this one Hewer. I should be able to get a nice haul tonight and maybe move to my next ship in line, the Python. I know I am happy that Inara allows me to record my own logs about my adventures, I know that it will be of little interest to many, but I enjoy being able to tell my story as it is progressing. Fly safe Commanders o7.

-Commander Konca
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CMDR Konca
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15 May 3305
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22 Apr 3305
Making Progress
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