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Vyrose / 25 Apr 3305
Vy's personal log #250419

What a hectic day! Started by leaving Maia System and getting back home. I missed Frey, I mean, my home is my ship, most of my life was spent on cargo vessels doing runs, trying to survive, but Frey System was always a place that I loved, you know?
Once I arrived, almost threw myself off the ship when I saw the bill for getting old Rip and Rave here. 30... Millions! Yeah! 30 fricking Millions for my Anaconda and my Python! I worked for so long and so hard for that money, but what can a guy do, huh?
Since it took all my credits, went on an Opal run. I read that they were going for almost 1.6 millions on a nearby station, so mining I went.
Didn't take me long to get 60 millions on my bank account, 2 hours, was it? Would have been there longer, see if I could get some cash to pay a visit to Jenny, cute lil' Jenny. But 3 pirates showed up and demanded everything that I had. Luckily I had some mines stashed away and was able to escape by taking out their engines. Didn't name my ship the Ravager for nothing.

Ol' Jon came to me at the bar, gave me an offer, the federation needed someone to transport some needed supplies to a far off station. Would pay me a million plus a very nice standing with them, Warrant Officer, sounds good, doesn't it?
It was an easy job, a pirate tried to reach me, but I still know a thing or two.

Now I'm here, contemplating the sunrise on my ship. With money on my pockets. And all the freedom in the universe.
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