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Jaykay / 04 May 3305
Log 19 Recovered - Reached Waypoint 10

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2 APR 3305

Still behind the fleet, or they are so spread out now that I am missing them, not seen anyone for a week or so now. Fleetcom is still accessible all the way out here, which at least stops me from feeling quite so lonely, it's good to hear real people’s voices, there is only so far you can take the ship's COVAS (AI) in terms of conversation. I did think about meeting up with some commanders, but they have all seemed to take a different route to me and don’t want to deviate. I have been looking at my co-pilots chair occasionally and wishing I bought someone along for company.

3000 ly direct route last week, found a weird system in Phroi Byoe AV-Y f363. It had a massive Blue White B star at the jump in point and another seven T Tauri Stars in the system. The whole system had a slightly surreal feel to it as everywhere you looked there were young stars lighting up space. The system of Vegnoae BK-R d4-1105 (aka Neighbouring Necklaces) was an amazing sight too. Two ringed planets in a binary orbit with each other, but they are so close that their ring systems collide at periodic intervals. I got a crazy photo of this happening, which I will attach.

The route took us around the edges of a mysterious zone of systems potentially thousands of light years across in the Perseus Stem. This huge area of the galaxy, known as Bleia Zone, can't be jumped into. The frameshift drive computer will simply not lock onto any stars within it and no one knows why. Some, including myself, think that it is related to the Thargoid Aliens and they somehow are inhibiting hyperspace jumps, perhaps to protect their home worlds, after all they can pull ships out of witch space between systems. I was happy to put some distance between that area as I entered the ghostly looking orange Morphenniel Nebula and Waypoint 10.

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