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AustralianChaos / 13 May 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 02

May 13, 3305
Day: 1
Distance from Kunti: 2,290.70ly
Distance to Waypoint 01: 4,759.72ly
Distance to Beagle Point: 63,084.05ly

It has begun. At about 4:30am Galactic Time (2:30pm Kunti Time) both me and Commander Cerealkiller launched off from Hughes Enterprise together. The plan had originally been to travel to Colonia, where we’d part ways, with him heading to Sagittarius A while I pressed on to Beagle Point. But my friend has altered their plans to make their expedition similar to mine. They’re already thousands of light years ahead of me, though, as they’re focusing on just blazing through the galaxy, while I’m taking my time and running full spectrum scans on every system I pass through.

Speaking of which, my tradition of suffering software issues early into long voyages continues. Last time it was an error in the FSD causing hyperdrive jumps to fail, now it’s the FSS going haywire when attempting to scan very distant objects, beyond 100,000 light seconds. I’ll try and look into it tonight, but the best bet is hoping I can aquire a patch via my new FTL comm system, which is working beautifully so far. Even as the distance from both home and Ceralkiller extended, I was able to maintain contact, and enjoy casual conversation as we blazed our trails through the cosmos.

Otherwise, it was been a routine first day. Nothing of note discovered, and approximately a third of the way to my first waypoint in the Eagle Nebula. I have decided to park for the night with a nice view of the first neutron star I have reached in this journey, though my mapping systems are telling me this is the first of many I will be able to make use of, even just on the hop to the Eagle Nebula.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
13/05/3305 0815
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