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GalacticDraco / 13 May 3305
Logbook #3 Thargoids

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Wow it's been awhile. I have been way too busy preparing for my long space journey, but I do have some stories.

I got hyperdicted for the first time yesterday and lets just say, it was terrifying. The moment I was kicked out of a hyper-jump, I went into my camera suite and saw that two thargoids were on their way towards me. I pressed the boost button over and over again, even though my ships power was completely cut because of the thargoids. Then my power kicked back on and I got the hell out of there. Now I am paranoid of thargoids taking me out of hyperspace.

So, I also got a super amazing fuel scoop that filled up my tank very quickly, like a few seconds. So I got to around 10 missions where I took some super nice people on a sightseeing mission, and lets just say I got millions.

I jumped back to Merope for a little while to try and gather resources from wrecks that thargoids caused, I never knew I could get that much resources from destroyed capital ships. One time though, I jumped into a wreckage with a thargoid taking stuff. I let it scan me and it went back to its business. I looked into my contacts and saw an occupied escape pod and I thought "Oh god someone could literally die if I don't rescue them. So what did I do? I boosted towards the escape pod, opened my cargo scoop, scooped up the escape pod, and got the hell out of there. I felt good knowing I saved someone's life from thargoids. Though attempting to do the same thing a few more times caused my ship to be destroyed and I had to go back to a station to get it back. I never knew thargoids hated me that much already.

The next time I make an entry in my logbook, I will be on my way on a massive space journey to discover a solar system that i could call my own. I am excited but very nervous. Expect more beautiful pictures. See y'all next weekend.

Galacticdraco, signing off

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