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Switch Killington / 14 May 3305
CMND LOG 037: Gandharvi

After Distant Worlds hung it up the squads been drifting in the solar winds. I've found myself in Gandharvi spite mining. I found a very lucrative ring system nearby this deep space colony, and when I shared with deep space miner group in the fleet they scoffed. "Who would mine in deep space?" said the pilots calling themselves deep space miners. So I made it a point to stop off and be that guy. Making millions on a planet discovered by me, and mapped by me. I made a couple hundred mill over a couple days, they were asking for 900k per diamond out here. Now that I've single-handedly crashed the market for them they are asking about a half mil, and no real demand for Opals either.

If, for some reason you're reading my personal logs on the Inara system and wondering what I'm doing alive, well, I did go a bit crazy looking into the mountain signal source, only it was crazy with boredom. I embellished the logs to make it look dramatic and spoopy. What? At least I come clean about my fictional accounts, most of the logs on the Inara system read more like cheezy space operas.

Been looking for something else to do now that the diamond cred has dried up. The Void Rats are, well, idiots. Been talking to Tanvi Coffey, their boss-lady. Good looking chick, my kinda dame. But the rats are microscopic in their reach, they don't even have the funds to offer up missions to me. They have some passenger contracts I could pick up.... IF they trusted me. But they won't trust me because I haven't done any of their non-existent missions. I get being careful buy when you're back is against the wall you should take a chance and trust a pilot. They want me to tag their 'bounties' that have been issued, which, given the nature of their organization, means they want me to just kill civvies for free.

The Mercantile Pact are a bit more forward, they want me to assault the nearby mega-cargo ship. Which, I'd totally love to do, but not in the Bee, and Molly is still back in Shenrata and still very, very hot from pirating so she's not getting shipped out here for a few missions.

I think I might look into this newest guardian system and start gearing up for a proper, dedicated, AX ship.
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