Logbook entry

Firebat01 / 15 May 3305
Director of INRA, Firebat01, Private log. May 14th, 3305.

Been a hectic three days. Catching up on all the old Directors unfinished business and getting organized. Being a Deputy Director for five years, and being in the loop for most of INRA's activities is making it easy on the administration end.

The problem I have today is connected to an Agent personally assigned to the last Director. A Director has certain privileges a Deputy Director does not. One of which is access to certain information for the Directors eyes only, and the other are personal Agents. Once the old Director announces their retirement, they have a time frame to eliminate their personal Agents. Personal Agents of a Director know too much, even for what little information they are allowed. The chances of a suddenly unemployed Agent blackmailing a retired Director, or exposing them, even in the most unlikely event (Director Thunderbear01's own Wife comes to mind), are too great a risk. We cannot bring them back into INRA's fold either, because of psychological issues. To them it feels like a demotion, they feel betrayed. They get emotional, distracted, they become vulnerable.

The former Director's Agents were all eliminated, except one. He's on a scouting mission in the Errant Marches Sector. I have no way of knowing if he's been alerted to the former Directors retirement or not. It's likely he knows nothing yet, but with the old Director being forced into early retirement, he only had a few weeks to tie up loose ends. When his scout returns, if he returns, I'll have to deal with him myself.

Met with the Deputy Directors at noon to go over the List today. Had sausage and bacon with tomatoes pizza.

During the meeting, one of my Deputy Directors informed me that a few days ago Ol' Patreus' agent Besieger came across a modded Anaconda piloted by some kind of...anti hero Pirate. Call sign ThreeofNine. Thinks themselves a modern day Robin Hood. Even the people ThreeofNine ROBS like the Pirate. This Pirate is so brazen, records and broadcasts the crimes on Galnet's streams! INRA has no use for showmanship. However, that's not what caught my attention. The modded Anaconda.

Besieger broadcast across Galnet streams this Pirate's Anaconda was suspiciously over powered, and was in possession of a shield generator that had the capacity to regenerate faster than anything anyone has seen. Besieger is known for only two things. Killing the idiot Salome' for Ol' Patty (a Stooge knows a Stooge), and running. No wonder Salome's protection let him get that close to her. Who out of them would have guessed the weakest among them was the one who would betray them. Ol' Patty did. To INRA it's the equivalent of Robert Ford shooting Jesse James in the back. If you know your history, you know what happened to Ford after that.

It was all for nothing anyway, the conspiracy was a conspiracy within its self...puh. We managed to set up a few Early warning outposts around the outer rim of the galaxy. No one is the wiser.

We sent an Operative to take a look at ThreeofNine's ship, on the off chance the Pirate had some illegal or unknown tech. The Pirate had docked the Anaconda under a pseudonym. The Anaconda had impressive security measures but INRA has all ships manufacturing codes, the thing to do is to trick internal sensors from logging anyone coming aboard or monitoring the ships internals.

Of course, we found nothing. Just the whinging of a rundown, defeated, hasbeen, that shoots down rookie pilots, and runs at the first sign of trouble. Just like Robert Ford.

Project Q Chip had a problem today. A Lab tech went off the grid for 20 minutes. Disabled his locator beacon. We implant all Department staff with locator beacons, they monitor life signs as well, so we know if or when a staff member is in distress or if they've been killed.
The Lab tech's last known location was inside a small cafe along corridor seven in the station. When Agents entered to locate him, he wasn't in the cafe. We were forced to destroy the entire section. Blamed it on one of the local warring factions. Killing two birds with one stone. We blamed the one we weren't supporting.
Problem is, we found the Lab Tech's body in the wrecked cafe's men's room. He had a seizure and then a fatal aneurysm burst in his head from all the banging around. He died on the toilet. His locator beacon, embedded in his wrist, must have suffered damage. Both Agents sent to look for him were spaced. INRA does not tolerate incompetence.

The Dark Wheel Operative brought me to the Data Pirate today. Had to wear a mask, so I made it fun. Wore a Mahon mask with googly eyes.

She was already beaten to a pulp, and tortured. Data Pirates...Bleeders...
She was hired by a journalist to gather information on INRA. The Dark Wheel intercepted the Pirate, and after the Pirate told me everything, I spoke to the Dark Wheel operative dropping system names, and made it seem like we were local mafia types of one of those systems with the wrong information about why a journo was snooping around our turf and using this data pirate to do it. Then I let her go.

Before I left the office I made contact with our Thargoid insider. I set a meeting for next week. This should prove interesting.
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