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AustralianChaos / 15 May 3305
AustralianChaos' Beagle Voyage, Log 03

May 15, 3305
Day: 3
Distance from Kunti: 7,050.03ly
Distance to Waypoint 01: 0.00ly
Distance to Beagle Point: 58,566.87ly

Say hello to Eagle’s Landing, the first waypoint on my long journey. Making it here on the third day of travel honestly is good progress as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully I should reach Colonia in the next week or so if this keeps up, but we will see how things go.

It feels good to be out exploring again, actually, soaring through the black, discovering countless stars and worlds (even if most are dull, barren things). Nothing but myself and the voice of my ships computer systems, Covas Verity, for company. This first leg of the long journey has been routine, with little of note. Did find a water world just before reaching Eagle’s Landing, and yesterday stumbled across a few terraformable metallic worlds, along with a vibrant B-class star. Neutron stars are becoming more common as well, helping speed up my journey...including one with a wide, violent jet cone caused by being part of a close-knit trinary system. Honestly, though, I’m in no rush...I’m already well ahead of my pre-flight schedule, and I prefer taking in the sights as I go. I even stopped briefly on the surface of a small world to do some material prospecting, though didn't find much.

I did receive word that my friend, Commander Cerealkiller had reached Colonia two days ago, mere hours after leaving home, and has already been spending time there making connections with the local engineering experts, as I intend to. Guy’s a speedy flier, for sure, he might even have left Colonia for Beagle Point by the time I get there. Even so, we should be able to maintain contact through the journey regardless.

In any case, I’m going to go check out this station’s services. Get the maintenance crews to fix up the wear and tear on my FSD from neutron supercharging it and perhaps see if there’s a local bar I can enjoy a few drinks in before spending a night with spectacular views of the Eagle Nebula above me.

Tomorrow the journey continues, with my next waypoint another 7000 light years away. The StarNova has flown admirably so far, and the bugs in the FSS have been cleared up, which should hopefully make the trip that little bit smoother from now on. Time will tell, as always, though.

CMDR AustralianChaos, signing off.
15/05/3305 0545
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