Logbook entry

ShadowAura / 15 May 3305
Journey to Sagittarius A: Day 15

Loc: Phroi Flyuae MO-Y d1-50
Just jumped into a star system with a bright A type star, which really isn't really spectacular or unique this close to the galactic core. What IS interesting is a Water Giant in this system. These water giants are relatively rare. As far as I remember, I've only scanned 3 of these objects so I was pretty excited to see a water giant in this system. While the planet may be rare, it just looks like any other ordinary gas giant. In this case, this water giant was brown and more brown spots.


Loc: Phroi Flyuae FJ-V c4-6934
I've been trying to find an Earth-Like planet for a while now and this system...does not have one. But, it did have an interesting gas giant with a nice pink hue to it. While I was scanning for the planets in the system, I noticed this gas giant with an interesting colour. Unfortunately, it is currently in the dark possibly due to another planet blocking the light from the star so when the planet lights up again, I will take a picture of this pink planet.
P.S. It looks like the planet is just too far from the star to light up, guess I won't be taking that picture then.

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