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Urania Minora / 15 May 3305
Commander's Log: Julian Date 2928321.323

Currently sitting about 4,000 light years from Rhea Starport, orbiting a newly discovered metal-rich world, waiting for orbital scan data to come in...

The Sagan is turning out to live up to her namesake, for a cruise Ship, she's turned out to be one hell of an exploration vessel.

Nearly 50ly jumps are common, even with the first class passenger cabin and a shield generator installed.  

I imagine with some more fine tuning, and ditching the passenger cabin, she'll jump 60ly with ease. Still up in the air about ditching shields. Seems to be a 50/50 split in the exploration community.
Might have to pay a freelance combat guild to help me soon, as I hear guardian sentinels are a bitch to fight, and you can't get the Guardian Frame Shift Booster data without destroying the sentinels.

I'm learning from the recent experience that got me the Sagan in the first place - there's a galaxy FULL of rich people who are even WORSE at flying than me, and pay DAMN well.
Most of the tourists don't mind that I'm collecting scientific data along the way to their destination. Once they learn about my scientific background, it's a constant stream of questions about every nebula, and spatial anomaly we pass.

Some get a little bitchy during the trip though, usually wanting some exotic food or drink. Should have booked passage on a cruise liner or full-fledged tourist class ship.
Have to put on a smile and explain that those things are a little hard to get when the nearest spaceport is over 1,000ly away!
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