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Switch Killington / 16 May 3305
CMND Log 038: The Conduit

Weird name for a ship, but whatever.

Hopped on the Hurt Highway and made it back to the bubble over a night's flight time. Read up on this corporation with a Ferry to guardian space. I'm was eager to get out of the Ditsy Bee after months of being stuck inside that cockpit, I wanted to change it up so I pulled good ole Slumpbuster out of storage. It's a Cobra 3, not engineered but old style, sub-optimal but good. Used it as my surface mission landing craft back when I did a long string of hacks for Sirius Corp, still had most of the load out, just had to rotate a few modules. Jump range is something like 40 percent lower, but I figured I have so much work to do on this guardian tech salvage mission I'd take this new ferry out there and back.

Last time I was out there I downloaded much data and some random salvage, just couldn't figure out how to work the computer system to get the blueprints. I'm all studied up now, but while I'm in transit on this thing I'll see if I can get a shopping list down. I want this to be the last time out, seriously. I don't even like the idea, our anti-xeno weapons were doing fine, now we have to go salvage hostile AI technology and integrate into our warship seems like the first 30 minutes of a movie or something. At least any functioning guardian tech we've seen and created don't really stand up to us. They just seem to be the best for Thargoids. Interesting little dynamic, human tech chews up that glass looking guardian stuff, they blow right through Thargoid meta-alloys, and Thargoids pretty much scoff at our weapons.

Well, at least when this evil corporation reveals their plans for taking over the Bubble with newly created guardian ships in the next week or so I'll be at ground zero.
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