Logbook entry

J.Bauer / 25 May 3305

The USNS Chicago arrived at waypoint 3 on May 18, 3305 at 0626 UGT, waypoint 4 on May 22st, 3305 at 0254 UGT, and waypoint 5 on May 25, 3305 at 0612 UGT. We are now two weeks ahead of our original proposed schedule. To realign our schedule we are moving the remaining Waypoint dates forward assuming that each waypoint will be reached within five days instead of one week.

The journey to waypoint 4, GRU FLYI PO-Y D1-4, was 129 jumps from way point 3 and took four days to complete. The USNS Chicago fully passed through the Formorian Frontier and returned to Newton's Vault. GOOREIA HE-Y B18-15 was 105 jumps from waypoint 4.

About halfway to waypoint 4, we discovered a system of note, PRUA PRI FQ-W D2-55. Upon arriving a ringed planet caught my eye. I had assumed it to be a gas giant given the proximity to the star, but as I had approached the planet it turned out to be much closer than I had thought. A mere 24ls from the star itself.

Two ringed planets orbited one another in close proximity with a third ringed planet off in the distance. Prua Pri FQ-W d2-55 2 was a metal rich body with a gravity of 2.59G at the surface. At this distance the star appeared larger than the twin planet. We touched down on the surface just as the sun was setting. The high gravity made finding a suitable landing site difficult and the ship dropped several meters when the downward firing thrusters were engaged. No ship damage was sustained.

The third ringed world was substantially larger with a gravity of 4.25G. Landing was considered too risky to attempt, so we mapped the planet from orbit.

Waypoint 6 is PHRROEA BLOU ZV-D B29-18 and 91 jumps from our current location. Our next check in will be on June 1st.

CMDR J.Bauer signing off.

WaypointSystemX-coordinateY-coordinateZ-coordinateEstimated ArrivalActual Arrival
0Start-1139-163578May 4, 3305
1SKUEQIAE JG-W C18-0-2080-10358668May 11, 3305May 11, 3305, 4:26:16
2THUECHO UH-L C24-17-3021-20553759May 18, 3305May 15, 3305 1:02:42
3SWUENOE VA-G B2-0-3963-30748849May 25, 3305May 18, 3305, 6:26:15
4GRU FLYI PO-Y D1-4-4904-40943940June 1, 3305May 22, 3305, 2:54:22
5GOOREIA HE-Y B18-15-5845-51139030June 8, 3305May 25, 3305, 6:12:00
6PHROEA BLOU ZV-D B29-18-6786-61334121May 30, 3305
7-7727-71529211June 4, 3305
8-8669-81724302June 9, 3305
9Colonia-9530-91019808June 14, 3305
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