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Shengar Landar / 20 May 3305
Time for some serious business

Log Entry 03: 20.05.3305
Location: Tollan

Having recently returned from completing the "Norma Arm Initiative" a round trip of a little under 40,000LY I felt it was time to flex my combat muscles. Having previous with the Tollan Hand Gang (currently my relationship with them isn't even a relationship at all) I decided to go and make their lives even more of a misery.

Once into the Haz Res close to Gordon Plant I quickly found a constant stream of targets. Not all of them were Tollan Hand Gang affiliated pilots but they were all wanted ships and therefore fair game. Amassed a little over 12,000,000 credits in a couple of hours, the Corvette is a very efficient killing machine and with good power management can withstand a lot of punishment from winged pirates in any class of ship.

Currently sitting at 36,926 bounties claimed, I will continue to add to these during both normal game play (interdiction's while trading) and dedicated bounty hunting sessions. I have a Cutter that has incredibly robust shields and effective weaponry capable of making any pirate wish they had picked a different ship to try to rob.

Speaking of trading I am planning to try out the Dangerous Trade suite of programmes in the coming days to try to improve my trading rank (current commodities traded stands at 69,935). I already use Elite Trade Net and have found it to be pretty good at steering me towards trade opportunities that I otherwise would not have been aware of.

Signing out..............................
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20 May 3305
Time for some serious business
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