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Ta1onn / 21 May 3305
My start, in brief

Well, I may as well start logging my journeys. So to start, a recap of my journeys thus far.

I began my journey in desperate need of some money. I hate owing people, so I quickly sold my loaner sidey and moved up to a Type-6 Transporter and ran delivery missions for a few weeks, saving up for something a bit more versatile (and that hopefully feels less like a space cow).

From there, I moved up to an Lakon Asp Explorer. The view from the cabin is just incredible. I've used that ship to do everything from passenger missions, delivery missions, mining, and more.

I then jumped around the galaxy a bit, picking up missions here and there until I stumbled into the remains of Dav's Hope, an abandoned mining settlement. Reading the scattered logs was infuriating. "Mining Team 6 Missing, considered acceptable loss." and "My responsibility is to this corporation and its shareholders. There are plenty more miners to take their place"... the greed of corporations is mind boggling. I also came across the remains of one CMDR John Jameson. What a hero and a tragedy. I can see the need to keep his deeds hushed, but how heartbreaking for his family.

I heard there were stations that were damaged with people still on board, so I decided to go and try to help. While I was flying to the nearest damaged station, I met one of the Thargoids, who ripped my ship out of witch space, then shut my ship down and scanned me. What an experience. The old gods must have been keeping an eye on me, because it only scanned me before leaving. I then spent a few days ferrying passengers off of a damaged station, but eventually the black called me and off I went. I decided to try my hand at mining then, so I got myself outfitted for core mining, learned how to scan the fields, and ended up with a cargo full of sweet, sweet void opals!!

I used this money to buy and outfit a Python, which I use occasionally for larger cargo/passenger missions, but the jump range is miserable and the view just can't compare to the Asp, so it sits in dock most of the time.

Lately I've been making friends with some engineers, which has greatly added to the quality of life in my ships. Between just the increased jump range and faster real space flight speed, it's night and day different.

Anyway, I'm nearly ready to meet Marco Qwent, so we'll see what he has to offer. After that, I'm thinking of visiting Sol, see the cradle of humanity, then off to find Tiana Fortune, another engineer I learned about from Hera.

Remember to fly dangerously. o7 CMDRs.

CMDR ta1onn out

PS I forgot to share this beauty I stumbled into
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