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Dadnik / 25 May 3305
Time to strike back

The Thargoid invasion is getting more and more serious. Stations close to Kairi, my long time profitable home is getting attacked. Desperate times. My cargo fleet has long restocked damaged stations. The passenger fleet assisting burning stations, evacuating through flame and fire. The damage and senseless loss of life is simply to much for an old trader.

The recent success of the mining fleet in low g diamonds and rare opals has our finances healthy enough to start taking action against the threat. It is with this in mind that I moved the fleet to Jameson Memorial, apply named for the first captain to take on the Thargoids and succeed. No journey like this one can start anywhere else. The usual alley of opportunistic raiders avoided a new ship was purchased and prepared. The DNS Xenocrat was launched on May 20 3305. The Alliance Chieftain judged to be equal to the task of taking the fight to the hateful aliens.

Out Flagship, the Cutter Trade Surplus, made the outward journey to Maia is short order. Recently acquired guardian boosters and some neutron jumps shortening the journey. Logistics brought the Xenocrat to Merope, the nearest shipyard to Palin's workshops. Thursters newly improved and FSD range extended, the Xenocrat was ready for her first encounter.

Minimal engineering was applied at this stage, but the little ship did all she could. We barely got away with only one scout destroyed. And sadly did not make it to the station. The caustic damage finally destroying the hull just as we entered. At least the trip in the escape pod was short. Being in station already. Pilots Fed insurance covered the costs.

An old timer, grazed many times by the goids, shared a trick, helping us survive the next encounter. Overheat the hull to 200% and the acid will melt off. This time 2 goid scouts got dispatched before I had to run her back for repairs. These things may be easy for a vet, but puts up a fight for someone used to blasting pirates and the odd spinning rock. Still we are improving. Now to find some more engineers to get this ship up to real battle ready. Today our kill count was 6 scouts in the Xenocrat and four in the cutter. Tomorrow, we will do better. We must, before our home becomes a burnt out coustic shell and our credits become worthless.

Dadnik, out, From Alcazar's hope. 25 May 3305
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CMDR Dadnik
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25 May 3305
Time to strike back
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