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Ta1onn / 28 May 3305
A long weekend

A long, but productive weekend. Honestly, I did so much that it's kinda started to blur...

First, I pick up where I left off, with making friends with engineers. I finished up with the Dweller, and decided to move on to meet Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn. Lucky for me, Tod wasn't hard to find, he just wanted me to pick up a few bounties, which was pretty easy, now that I've engineered a couple of weapons on my trusty AspX. So I had him engineer some multi-cannons, and then took off to find Zacariah Nemo.

Then, I ran into a little problem... he seems to work for the Party of Yoru, and they won't introduce us until they trust me... so here we go again... so. many. missions. But then, just as I made friendly, I found out Zac wants some Xihe Companions.... that's where I finally gave up for now. I'll be back, but an old buddy of mine invited me to check out the Guardian sites, so off we went, after swapping out a few parts (including $10 mil on a fuel scoop, thank old Earth for those Void Opals funding my gallivanting adventures and flighty desires).

We jumped out further than I've ever been. Only about 800 ly, but that's far for me. We dropped into a system and found a Guardian Beacon, which led us to a massive structure in space, with what looked like waterfalls of energy flowing out of arms coming out of it, and a massive spire in the center. We charged up the 'arms' of the structure, and the structure opened, rotating the pieces of the spire, until a ball formed in the middle, which we could scan for some data. Then the whole structure closed down but it also released an Ancient Key.

From there, we travelled a little further to where the data indicated and landed. Side note, my buddy flies in an Anaconda, which I know mentally is a big ship, but seeing it up close in an SRV is... aweing. At one point, he hit his boost, and I was nearly blinded by the light. Anyway, I later found out the sites have a few different layouts, named by Cannon. This one was called stickyhand. Anyway, we started exploring, me in the SRV, him in his Guardian fighter. We discovered that it's hard to charge the pylons with his fighter, but it did well against the guardian sentries that came to attack us. We were able to gather some bits and bobs of Guardian tech, culminating in another ball of data, which gave us a blueprint fragment. We went and talked to a Tech Broker, and... we were waaaay off on what we needed to buy anything, so we went back to gather so. much. more... so here I am currently, gathering materials. I ran out of slugs for my SRV, and went to synthesize some more... no phosphorus... again... At least it's cool looking out here.

o7 CMDRs,
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