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GuruTez82 / 13 Jul 3305

OK about Simione

So against my better judgment..... I didn't throw him out the airlock.
Im almost 100% sure this Simione fella (wait can I even call him a fellow. Hes a few genes short of being an actual human right.) is gonna cause me an almighty shitstorm of trouble in the future. But hey I think I may have found it, the line I wont cross, I just cant bring myself to kill pathetic looking truly innocent peopl...creatures. Plus if he really does start to become trouble Its not like it will be hard to get rid of him.

So great we'v decided not to kill him, you feel better Guru! Patted yourself on the back have you, decided 'im a better person now woohoo Goooooo ME!' ok new age Ghandi "What Now?".......
I made a good point, what in the void am I gonna do now. Im pretty sure any authority I hand him too will result in one of 2 outcomes; 1/ Death for him and maybe me. 2/ straight back to the lab for more testing and after a whole heap of pain... Death.
Now if I hadn't know that it would be fine, I could get back to my chems and alcohol and slowly pickle myself as is my holy right. But seeing as i did know they would kill him it would be more honorable, and less painful for all, for me to kill him here and now with my bare hands while looking into his eyes and saying sorry (im not gonna lie, i thought about that alot longer than a decent person should).

Anyway Gormongander was fully stocked with everything I could need, even had some genuine fresh food stuffs in the freeze hold, so I decided to just sit tight and watch. The ship was running dark here in Sol, in a stationary orbit on the far side of Pluto, we kept just on the edge of the planets radio shadow so we could see but not be seen. Anybody came close, we switched off everything and became cold floating metal. That was 10 days ago. We'v kept an eye on not only Galnet but any news service we could pick up, and a number of military and covert bandwidths that are a small privilege veterans get to keep. Nothing, no mention of Simione or anything else out of the ordinary.
I didn't want to completely drop off the map so decided to ask an old friend for a favour, it had been a while but as favours go this was a good one.

"Guru! Now im sure it wasn't a ghost I saw at Hutton Orbital. Ok not seen each other in a decade, chance meeting 2 weeks ago and now you call me out of the black, Love you buddy but "what is it you want from me?" He knew me very well. We knew each other so well infact that we just skipped over the pleasantries.
"I need you to be me for a couple of days TigerTiger. You know use some of my credits, make some noise in my name, fight someone, fuck someone, just so anybody looking will have a lead to follow. I need to be gone for a while without anybody realizing" there was a short pause at his end.
"I don't know buddy, have you seen yourself lately with one foot in deaths door. I mean no offence my friend but I look GOOOOOOD, nobody will believe Im you" His smile was crooked and the new cyber tattoos on his face jarred with the memory I had of him, but the humor was still the same.
"Its fine Tiger, Iv got a place in mind '41 LAMBDA HYDRAE'. I just got a message that my old Asp 'YAMATA' is there and nobody knows me there. Iv checked my logs with the Pilots Association and it seems i'v not been there in 20 years. I'm all but anonymous there." It was only then that I noticed a change in his demeanor, hardly noticeable but, was that concern I could see in his face?
"Can I ask what you were doing there 20 years ago?" He said casually.
"I'll be honest Tiger I can't really remember, at that time, in that life it was either a Job or a Woman."
"Or both!" he shot back at me quickly. There was a moment of silence then we both laughed.
Anyway he agreed, that was 7 days ago and boy has he been having fun. I'm not talking about the credit amount (even though i watch my credit processor every chance i get) he's a good guy, would never overstep the mark, but he just knows how to live life better than me, good food, good entertainment, good hotels, good everything and all at a relatively reasonable price. Today he should have collected YAMATA and will hold her in his fleet until I come out of the dark.

So that was my cover sorted out, one problem solved. Now for the harder problem. I huffed a large bump of StarDust, waited for my head to stop spinning and headed into Gormonganders Belly to speak again with Simione.
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